Ten Mile Inn
Located on Hwy 130 (Snowy Range Road) Wyoming




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Cabins, Lodging, RV Park and 91% Octane Fuel!

We have a brand new five-plex at Ten Mile Inn and five fully functioning RV spots.  Need to fill up?  No problem, we now have fuel!!!  Click on our site map for more!



Saratoga WY Cabin Rentals   Cabin Rentals in Saratoga WY

Private, clean cabins and rooms offer comfort along with the amazing views.

WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING RV RESERVATIONS!!!  Pricing is $40 per night plus tax and includes full hookups! (Sewer, Water, Electric etc.)

Our cabins are strategically placed so that you can sit on the front porch and take in the views, wildlife, and the serenity of mountain life.
Designed for maximum comfort and privacy, you will feel right at home from the moment you step in.

Each cabin sleeps up to 6 people, and are heated with storage heating systems.

Book your dream vacation now....reservations@tenmileinn.com or call 307-326-5928

Cabins are $90 to $150 per night.

  CABIN RATES  for cabins 1 through 5. Rates are per cabin

   1-3 nights    

4-5 nights 6 nights 7 nights or more

$135 per night

$125  per night

$100 per night 

$90 per night

 Maximum occupancy is six people per cabin


  CABIN RATES  for cabins 6, 7, 8 and 10. Rates are per cabin

    1 -3 nights  

   4-6 nights    

7 night or more Maximum occupancy is four people per cabin

$100 per night

$90 per night

$80  per night


We now accept pets in our five plex, two large dogs or three small dogs. $10 per dog per day.

  CABIN RATES  for Suite #9. Rates are per cabin

    1 -3 nights  

   4-6 nights    

7 nights or more Rates for for up to six people. $15 per person above six people. Limit 8 people.

$125 per night

$115 per night

$100  per night


Located right on the snowmobile trails, snowmobile from your cabin.

Sleeps up to 6 people with 2 double beds and a futon

Watch Satellite TV on a 27" Screen, or listen to
XM radio, or connect to the world through
our wireless internet access.

Cabin includes table and benches for watching the wildlife, sunrise, or just to play cards and enjoy yourself.

Electric storage heaters (right of table) are safe and quiet. No fumes, no noise.


Cabin includes restroom facilities fit for a queen
in each and every cabin.


Views from the porch includes watching clouds dance along the trees...

or enjoying the mountain views...

or watching the clouds dance across the sky.